Boutique Higland House Hotel in Amsterdam


Classic and eclectic


Behind The Highland House’s interior with interior architect, Kenneth Jaworski from Como Park Studio.

Kenneth Jaworski, originally from the United States, has been working in the interior business for over 30 years. He has developed interior concepts for brands such as Levi’s Vintage, Red Wing Shoes, Filson, Onitsuka Tiger, The Rembrandt Tower, and now, for The Highland House. Kenneth has a clear vision for The Highland House: “When you step inside, it should feel as though you’ve just stepped into a jewellery box. A small world all on its own, filled with interesting objects and treasures. A hotel interior should be intimate and special; it should always be more inspiring than the interior of your home.”



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Kenneth describes the style that he created for The Highland House as a combination of classic and eclectic. The clash of colour and texture can be seen in the juxtaposition of white panelling with dark accents, glossy subway tiles and fabrics used on lamps and chairs. “The rooms are quite small and this really works to the hotels advantage” says Kenneth. “When you place the objects in close proximity to one another, you create the feeling like you are in a display cabinet filled with interesting trinkets. That makes it exciting and quirky.”

At the same time, Kenneth strives to achieve a timeless quality in his interiors. Trends, he feels, become annoying when you start seeing them all over the place. The choices Kenneth made in the interior such as the floors, headboards, desks and artwork all have a certain timelessness.

With only 12 rooms, The Highland House is small, and like its name, should more appropriately be referred to as a house, rather than a hotel. Instead of room numbers, the rooms are named and themed. For example, guests can enjoy a night in either ‘The Laundry’, ‘The Wine Cellar’ or ‘The Den’.

Kenneth adds that “The hotel is a reflection of a quirky person who has a lot of life experience”. The Highland House is the personification of this character. A character who has seen a lot and who shares his adventures and stories through his interior. The Highland House hopes to inspire his guests to go and discover Amsterdam and create their own stories and memories to take back home with them.

Images courtesy of Como Park Studio

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